Book Review Rating System


I use star ratings out of 5 stars for my reviews.

It follows the general rule of: more stars = a better book in my opinion.

1 star = I did not enjoy it, it was poorly written, wouldn’t recommend it to anyone to read.

2 stars = I liked it to a certain extent. I might recommend it to read but not overly convinced it was a great plot/ well written.

3 stars = I enjoyed this, there were elements I loved and elements I didn’t. The plot was ok/good and I recommend it especially if you like that genre.

4 stars = This book was well written, the plot interesting and kept me hooked. the description/language/structure was used well by the author for effect. Definitely recommend.

5 stars = Quite a rare occurrence. I only give 5 stars to novels that I absolutely loved. It needs to have a solid plot, with character arcs that move me as I witness the characters change and grow. The world, history and relationships are realistic and convincing, the characters flawed in their own ways which they have to overcome, all wrapped up with beautiful description that makes me ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ as I read it.