Book Review #28 QUEEN OF SHADOWS by Sarah J. Maas

When returning my books to the library I saw that they had QUEEN OF SHADOWS sat on the shelf waiting to be read. How could I just walk away?  I was going to read a book by a different author but it just had to be done.

I was desperate to read the next in the series and was excited to find it. Look how awesome Caelena/Aelin is on that front cover.


I have to say, I am pleased with where the story is going. After the last one being slightly disappointing, in regard to pace, this one was much better.

This book follows Aelin as she strives to free her cousin and Dorian whilst killing the king and finding a way to release the magic. Sarah starts this book with Aelin alone, trying to find out what is going on in Rifthold and what has happened to Chaol and Dorian. She needs to make contact with her old master in order to find something that he stole from her. We follow their dancing around each other, trying to trick and manipulate each other to get what they want.

I was pleased when Rowan arrived in Rifthold and loved the developing relationship between him and Aelin. It’s fabulous! Yummy! The relationship is so well done, as is now expected with Sarah J. Maas’s writing.

Again, I fully enjoyed Manon’s story-line. She is an Iron tooth witch and wing leader for the King’s army. Fearless and ruthless but slowly moving out beyond the way history and tradition dictates. If her Grandmother find out how her views have changed, it will mean her death.

The various stories that interweave throughout this series are slowly coming together. I’m loving the the way they are all connected and slowly creating a masterpiece that will be revealed as the series finishes.

As I’ve said, probably several times before, I adore Sarah’s style of writing. Her voice it brilliant!

I give this book is 4 stars ****  I can’t wait to read the final in the series but will have a break to review books by a different author for you.

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One comment

  1. Reader In A Reverie · May 29, 2016

    I love the scene where Rowan arrives in Rifthold! One of my favourite scenes of the book!


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