Book Review #27 HEIR OF FIRE by Sarah J Maas

I really enjoy the way that Sarah J Maas writes. The voice in the THRONE OF GLASS series is fantastic. I have reviewed the first two in the series if you want to look.
I have enjoyed following Celaena’s story as she battles her inner demons and the guilt she feels at living when so many others have died. I really don’t want to say too much in case you have not read the first two but I will do my best.

Caelena is a nineteen-year-old assassin in a land where magic has been outlawed and any who resist are soon disposed of. The human king of Ardalan rules with an iron fist with poor relations with the Fae realm. Caelena has been through many harrowing situations yet she continues to fight and comes bass go from the depths again and again.


The introduction of a new character, a witch called Manon, is a great addition to the story line. She is fierce, feisty and complex. Along with her story line is another thread of the King’s story.

I fully expected this book to be the last in the series and was half way through when I realised it couldn’t be, there was far too much story to finish.

As with the others in the series, it’s well written from several points of view in deep third person. I love being so close to the characters and wishing Caelena could see herself the way Dorian and Chaol do. On many occasions I wished they would talk openly and express what they are thinking. But isn’t that the way we work: pride, love, and other emotions getting in the way?

It is a well constructed series and I can’t wait to read the last one and see how it all comes together.

This book gets a 4 star rating **** because I like the new characters that have become a part of the story, and I think Sarah J Maas has added even more twists and turns layering the story so well but as a book on it’s own it is not that brilliant. It’s like the second book in a trilogy – essential things happen but it’s not so fast paced. I hope that makes sense.

Do you like the series or is it on your ‘to be read’ list? Let me know.

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