Book Review #26 TIME TO SAY GOODBYE by S.D. Robertson


The beautiful golden edged design of this front cover did its job and caught my attention. I bought this for my birthday in January and it’s been sat on the shelf patiently waiting to be read.

It’s an adult contemporary novel, which I always find hard to read because they are often so heart wrenching. I was right. I guess the title gives it away too but this book is about a father who promised his 6-year-old he would never leave her when her mother died but fate intervenes.

The first few lines read:

Dying wasn’t on the to-do list I’d drafted earlier that afternoon. No doubt the 4×4 driver hadn’t planned on killing a cyclist either. But that’s what happened.

Yep. Straight in.
bookCurtis finds himself in the spiritual realm unheard and unseen by those he loves distraught at the pain he has caused them all. He now faces a decision- Should he stay on earth and follow the life of his daughter, keeping his promise to never leave; or should he go to heaven?

If he chooses to stay, there will come a point when he is shut out of heaven and is stuck there forever. Surely keeping his promise to his daughter is something that should not be broken?

This is a story of tragedy, loss, secrets and love. I struggled to continue after a few chapters and after a couple of days break managed to continue and finish the book. I’m glad I did.

I’m not sure why I had to stop. It wasn’t emotion. I think maybe it was because if my own beliefs of what happens after death. However, it was a good read.

I enjoyed the writing, I found the plot interesting, the characters’ situation was heart wrenching and generally I liked the book but it didn’t stand out to me as an outstanding novel. That is most probably is down to nothing more than taste.

I’m going to give this book 3 stars *** I recommend it but am not raving about it.

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