Pitch to Publication, short stories and the Bath Novel Award

Time has flown by and I have just realised I didn’t update you on how my participation in the writing competitions went. For those of you who aren’t aware, I have written a YA high fantasy novel and have been entering it into competitions.

Pitch to Publication: This both a failure and That’s obviously ccess. I entered my MS to three editors who each had 100 entrants. With one of those editors, the lovely Elizabeth Buege @ekbuege, I was short listed and she asked for more pages. Eventually Elizabeth went with some one else but very kindly provided some feedback on my 50 pages. What a star. I found Elizabeth’s feedback extremely helpful and encouraging. Being told that my work is original and she would like to read more was really uplifting. Also, all the editors did some thing called #tenqueries where they would say a few things about each query. Go on Twitter and have a look now. What to do and what not to do when querying.

Pitchwars resulted in 4 publishers favouriting my Twitter pitch. I only sent off my query and first few chapters to two of them. I spent some time researching the publishers and looking at their websites and went with my gut in the end. Molton Publishing gently refused saying it wasn’t for them and Sands Press asked for the full MS last week. Both exciting and terrifying at the same time. I am waiting to see what happens with that.

Pitchmatch ended in one agent liking my tweet but I still haven’t heard back. It’s been two months so I need to wait another month before prompting.

Recently I sent my MS off to two critique partners after a few adjustments following Elizabeth’s advice. I’m still waiting for feedback but that’s fine.

I also entered the Bath Novel award held in a city near where I live. It’s for unpublished novels. Agent Susan Armstrong from Conville & Walsh is the judge and after the competition it seems that many of the authors manage to get representation after (apparently 89%) and 1 in 3 get published traditionally. The prize is £2000, wouldn’t that be nice. I will find out if I make the long list on the 27th of this month. At which point I will send in the whole novel.

I’m now getting ready to query agents. I am convinced that an agent running through a contract from a publisher with me will be much better than me doing it on my own. So I’ve been on manuscript wish list site and also found listings of UK agents most of whom I now stalk follow on Twitter. I’m not opposed to agents from abroad because Skype and email make everything so much easier but being able to meet up with my agent would be brilliant. That is more of a possibility if they live in the same country.

This is me stepping out of my comfort zone and going for something I want. I’m curious, how have you been stepping out and putting yourself out there? Please comment below and let me know.

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