Book Review #25 SNOW LIKE ASHES by Sara Raasch

An oppressed people, freedom fighters, duty, magic, romance. What else could you want from a fantasy YA book?


I was given a Waterstone’s voucher and decided to make use of it, so nipping into the shop the other day I chose this one. There are several books on my TBR list at the moment that I found it hard to choose.

Sixteen years ago the Kingdom of Winter was conquered and it’s citizens enslaved, leaving them without magic or a monarch. Now the Winterians’ only hope for freedom is the eight survivors who managed to escape, and who have been searching for the chance to steal back Winter’s magic and rebuild the Kingdom ever since.

Orphaned as an infant during Winter’s defeat, Meira has lived her whole life as a refugee. Training to be a warrior- and desperately in love with her best friend and future king, Mather- she would do anything to help Winter rise to power again. So when scouts discover the location of the ancient locket that can restore their magic, Meira decides to go after it, only to find herself thrust into a world of evil magic and dangerous politics- and to realise that her destiny is not, never has been, her own.


I struggled to get into this book, though I’m not really sure why. I think that a few times in the opening chapters the layout of the kingdoms was mentioned. It seemed a bit repetitive and kept pulling me out of the story as I got bored. However, after the first 5 or so chapters I was enjoying the smatch

I liked the voice of the main character Meira and the story is told from her point of view. She’s determined, outspoken and brave which draws the reader to her. Her need for affirmation from Sir, the father like figure, drives her to train and fight for a Kingdom she was just a baby when she left. Meira’s internal struggle with the fact she has fallen in love with the prince when it is not a worthy match. She wants to do what’s right for her Kingdom but also, she is 16 and has fallen for the only boy she knows and has grown up with.

Meira has her imperfections, she also has her strengths. She tries to do what is right even when it breaks her heart. I do wonder if she could have been a couple years older because of her maturity rather than just 16. But maybe her maturity comes from the hardships she has endured from infancy.

Of course there is a twist at the end which I had an inkling of but thought was well done.

Over all I give this book 3 stars. It’s close to a 4 but not quite there.
Have you read it? What about the next in the series? What did you think? Comment below and let me know.

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