Book Review#15 A SHOT OF RECKLESS by Maddie Paige

My apologies to Maddie Paige because this ARC has been sat in my inbox for ages waiting to be read. I am so pleased I finally read it.


I class this is a new adult (NA)/adult book, definitely contempory romance with a portion of steamy intimate scenes included. Roxy is a woman in her early twenties who has some serious trust issues and who better to help her get over them than a sexy man?

I was confused at first because I failed to see the names at the start of the chapters indicating whose point of view the chapter was in. Once I’d figured it out it was easy to follow. I felt a bit silly for not realizing it before.

This novel is not just a romance though, there are other stories and issues weaving through it that have a darker edge, grounding the novel in reality. I really enjoyed the vulnerabilities of the main characters and how they learn to overcome them – not without some difficulty though.

There were a couple of mistakes in the text that I’m sure will be ironed out before publication but other than that it is a well written novel.

If you enjoy this genre then this book is definitely for you. I give this book a 3 star rating. I would be interested in reading more from Maddie Paige.

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