Book Review #14 SHIZZLE, INC by Ana Spoke


After following Ana Spoke’s self publishing journey on WordPress for the last few months, when she mentioned that she had released her book SHIZZLE, INC on Kobo, I decided it was worth a download.

I was excited to read this book. Some of the quotes that have been shared on Twitter were amusing and although this is not the genre I usually read I was looking forward to it.

SHIZZLE, INC is written in the first person from a young woman’s point of view. Isa wants to be famous, noticed and rich. She doesn’t particularly mind how she gets there. Seeing a job advertised to work for a billionaire’s business Isa jumps at the chance. Without giving too much away Isa blunders ito the job and into the close circle of Mr. Hue, the owner of Shizzle Inc.

There are some amusing moments as Isa lucks into several situations, but I found it hard to believe anyone could be quite that stupid. Either Isa herself or Mr. Hue. This led to me being unwilling to read it and having to force myself to read in. Too many coincidences lead to a situation that is in the end just ridiculous.

However, saying that, the ending found me hoping Isa had finally wizened up a bit and was finally figuring her life out.

This was an amusing debut book by Ana Spoke with a few laughs but not many laugh out loud moments as I had hoped. There is clearly going to be sequel that hinted at being amusing and I truely hope it is.

I give this book 2.5 stars. I just couldn’t give it three like other books I have revised because I didn’t think it matched up to them, but it deserved more than a 2.

I have few more books and ARCs to catch up on. I will post them as soon as I can.

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