I’ve been selfish

Finally, a blog post. I haven’t written a post since 1st October. Some of the reasons as to why are explained in that post.

Today, hubby and I bought a second hand cross-trainer. We both want to get fit and healthy and a change in our diet is contributing to a small weight loss, but we need exercise. Due to the nature of our jobs, we are often busy planning or marking at home so any time we aren’t, we want to spend it together. If one of us was popping off to the gym whilst the other looked after the kids, we’d never see each other.

So, we decided to get ourselves an early Christmas present. It is a beast! It is using up precious space in our house, but it was the only thing we could see working.

An exercise method to hand that means we are both at home and can still talk and see each other. It is also right there in our dining area (dominating the space, despite being folded) so we can do it every day if we wanted.


Hubby was worried that perhaps we had been selfish taking up part of our children’s play space with it. However, I think we have been selfish for two very good reasons: our children. I want to be healthy and stick around for longer for them both. Surely, that’s good enough?

Tonight, whilst hubby is out, I plan to be selfish and spend some time on my cross-trainer and also working on my manuscript, which I shall talk about in another post.

Let the health drive continue.

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