Book Review #10 HAWAIIAN HEARTBREAK by Libby Cole

Libby contacted me, after she had read a review that I had written, asking if I wanted to review her book. My answer was, ‘absolutely’. Romance is not my usual genre but I am happy to branch out and I am certainly not going to refuse requests like Libby’s.

HAWAIIAN HEARTBREAK part 1 is the first part in a trilogy. It is steamy romance following a woman treating herself to a holiday after her boyfriend cheated on her. On the first day Kayla meets a hunky tour guide (Jay) who takes a liking to her and she certainly likes him.

Their easy fling starts and they spend a few days together touring the Hawaiian islands and spending some intimate moments *fans herself* together.

I liked this book.
The emotional turmoil of the characters as they embark on a holiday romance, that quickly develops into something more, even as Kayla is convincing herself she can stay detached emotionally, is totally engaging. The characters have this wonderful banter together that demonstrates how relaxed they are around each other, despite only knowing each other a short time. It is believable and made me smile.

I can see how everything can go terribly wrong in the next installment and I can also see how it could work out so happily. I will have to read the next part to find out what happens. Luckily Libby has said she’ll email me the next installment when it is released – whoop!

Is it one of the best books I’ve ever read? No.
Is it entertaining, engaging and believable? Yes.
Do I care what happens to the characters? Yes.

With that in mind, it gets 3 stars from me. ***

Let me know what happens next please!

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