Make a CD or iPod mix

Yes, I know, the children are back at school but I still have some ideas of cheap and cheerful activities that I want to share.

Every summer I get the children to make a playlist on my iPod. We spend ages picking songs and listening to new ones, downloading new tracks and organising them.

My daughter has a great mixture of tunes on her mix both old and new:
– Let it go (was there ever any doubt that would be on a 5-year-old’s playlist)
– Great Big God
– What makes you beautiful 1D (again, predictable)
– Happy Pharrell Williams
– Diamond Rhianna
– Party in the U.S.A Miley Cyrus
– Cheerleader

My son had songs like:
– Hall of fame The Script
– Where is the Love Black eyed peas
– Wake me up Avicci
– One thing remains Bethal church
– Harder, better, faster, stronger Daft Punk
– Bills

And many more. We then burn a CD for them to listen to in their rooms which they love. Using cheap plastic cases I also get them to design covers for their CD.

Every time we go on a longer trip and the children start to get bored we pull out the iPod and choose the playlist we want to listen to. My kids love hearing the songs they have chosen as we drive and it helps keep them entertained.

Have you tried this? What songs did your children choose that surprised you?

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