7/7/7 challenge

I have been tagged by @LilyeKerryna to participate in the 7/7/7 challenge along with @WriterRivers @EllaApollodorus @darci_cole @authorAMDevine @_KateMichael @AvidReaderBlog

Go to page 7 of your WIP (Work in Progress).
Scroll down to Line 7.
Share the next 7 sentences in a blog post.
After the excerpt, tag 7 other writers, to continue the challenge.

So here we go:


With each carefully placed step the gravel crunched and ground together beneath her feet, but instead of screaming out in contrast to the silence around her, the sound was muffled. The silence seemed to be intensifying, closing in on her, making the air catch in her throat. April knew she was being irrational but couldn’t help marching quicker anyway casting an anxious look over her shoulder, her curly brown hair flicking around her thin face as she went.

My 7 nominees are: @milkamilka @kbuttonw @spokeana @stefmowords  @AmyLeBrocq @lesliechivers @SaraCRoethle

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