Rainy day entertainment

The weather hasn’t been great these past few days so, despite our plans for a barbeque, we haven’t been able to carry it out. I love barbeques, especially cooking marshmallows on sticks afterwards.

I was not willing to let poor weather stop us (nothing gets in the way of marshmallows). Can you believe that you can cook marshmallows very well over tea lights. It’s true! Look…


I put the tea lights on a baking tray and stand to protect my work surface and the children sat at the breakfast bar. It was really good fun.

**Please be aware that marshmallows get very hot and sticky if they get on the skin around the mouth and they can catch fire if put into the flames directly. **

Playing board games with the children has been keeping them entertained rather than watching TV all the time. We choose a game together and off we go. It’s as easy as that… Except it’s not, is it. Now my two are older it is easier but when they were younger playing a games was torture.

However, it teaches important skills: turn taking, patience, listening to the rules, learning how to lose graciously, learning how to win graciously, that cheating isn’t OK. All of these are essential life skills that children need to learn and, although it’s incredibly frustrating repeatedly telling a child to wait their turn, it doesn’t matter that they’ve lost, don’t boast when you win, as parents, we need to teach them that.

During the holiday we decided to buy some new colouring books for the children and pens. It was a small outlay that we thought was worth it. I find colouring relaxing and I know adult books are all the rage now. I have also found that children sometimes find it easier to talk when they are colouring (no direct eye contact) so chatting through few things whilst they are colouring can be helpful.

My son isn’t a big fan of school so I will prepare him for going back, through a quick chat over colouring. My daughter can really annoy her brother sometimes so chatting through how it may make him feel whist colouring avoids the confrontation again but reinforces a point.
I’m wondering if this is what art therapy is all about… I’m gonna look that up.

Take a look at this link about art therapy. It’s being used for all sorts- PTSD, palliative care, young and old and also in education settings. There are interesting videos to look at too.

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