Visit a library

This week I took my children to the local library and we had lots of fun.
It’s not a place that you creep into and get shushed at anymore, there is always something going on. In South Gloucestershire we have had a summer challenge set by the libraries.

The children sign up to read 6 books over the summer to win a medal, 4 books is a wrist band and 2 books are some stickers. This year the theme is ‘Record Breakers‘ and it continues until 12th September so there’s still plenty of time. They also have several activities on all summer and into term time.


My two came away with a great selection of books. My daughter has CD books and listened to one at bed time.

With the new age of e-books, libraries are becoming less popular but I don’t think we can discard them yet by any means. I have been to singing groups for toddlers, which my friends toddlers really enjoyed. Looking on the South Gloucestershire website there are also young adult activities and book clubs that they can attend. Being a big fan of YA fiction, I must say that I was really impressed with the YA section in Downend Library. They had newly published books and a huge variety to choose from. I came home with three, but you can now take home up to 20 books if you want. My son also hired a DVD for £1 for the week. They aren’t the latest DVDs but perfect for a seven year old.


My choice of books

So I say visit the libraries, keep them viable. Our library had 400 children sign up for the summer challenge and it was almost 7000 in the county.

When the children are back at school I want to take them to the library after school sometimes. They have such a wide selection of books there are bound to be some that spark your child’s interest. We all know how important reading is, and sparking a passion for it is easier with variety.

This little cartoon says it all.


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