Using Social Media

I’m pretty certain that most people of our generation are on some sort of social media these days. Use it to your advantage when planning cheap summer activities.

I have had very negative experiences through social media, abusive messages from other parents (seriously, you see me most days in the playground on the school run… Say it to my face and deal with it like a grown up) and people who just don’t think before they write. But I have also witnessed some great community minded people too, like one of the mums from the school my children go to (you know who you are).

She created a group on Facebook called ‘Parks and Walks Around Bristol’. The idea was, that if you went on a walk or found a lovely park, that you post some photos and tell everyone in the group where it was. In all honesty, it has been absolutely brilliant! We all have the regular parks that we know well and stick to so to be able to look on the group page and see pictures and directions of another park nearby was brilliant. So many hidden gems – in a lot of the photos the parks were empty… How could no one know of these places?

We also have a page for the classes that our children are in. Over the summer it has been quite quiet but there have been a few things saying “we’re going here on this date… You are welcome to join us.”
It’s so hard to get people together over the hols so it works perfectly.

Let’s use social media positively to network and well… socialise!

Here are some of the photos from the group. It’s a private group but if you make a comment below saying you want to join I’ll check with the lady that runs it and add you if we decide to.








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