Garden play

I haven’t blogged for a while so I thought I’d better let you know what we’ve been up to. Yesterday was what I like to call ‘a lazy day’. The children and I slouch around having several courses of breakfast and decide that before lunch we should really get dressed.

I’m still doing washing from our holiday and was going to hang it all out when I decided the children needed fresh air (they were arguing over what to watch on TV). We have a retractable washing line with two lines so I grabbed some old sheets and pegs and got to work.

Don’t judge me for my unimaginative work please…


After my youngest and I had pegged the sheets out, the eldest came to help and they set about getting blankets and toys (working together – sweet harmony). I didn’t get chance to picture the finished result but it was fab. They played together really well and created their own special little world that led to the trampoline.

It wasn’t particularly sunny but it was hot and clammy which moved us onto the next activity- water fight!
Before I knew it, they were in their swimming costumes asking for buckets of water, the hose pipe, water pistols and towels.

Eek! There may be trouble ahead.

Ground rules
– No face shots.
– When some one says ‘wait’ or ‘stop’ they have to stop so they can sort themselves out and continue.
– Share the water pistols, because they are different sizes and it needs to be fair.
– Oh and let me get my washing in first.


They managed to play for a good hour with very few reminders from me about the rules. They stopped and had breaks, agreed when they were ready to start again and eventually agreed when they’d had enough. I wrapped them up in towels, gave them a drink then they got dressed again.

It didn’t stop there though. Next it was bug hunting in the garden. Can you tell how much my two like bugs? They’ll bug hunt anywhere which is great actually to keep them entertained. You can buy bug hunting kits but a cheap plastic tub with holes poked in the lid works too.

Here are some kits you can buy for less than £10
National Trust
School Depot this one has a sale on at the moment

Fresh air always helps my two to get along, but they always need help to get started.

As I’ve been typing this they have been running up and down the stairs getting what they need for this:


Their in door den. All is calm at the moment… We shall see how long it lasts.

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