Pond dipping!

Well what a day we’ve had today.

We managed an hour of pond dipping, 1.5 hours walking in the woods, 40 mins at an national trust site and they still needed to burn more energy at a park for 30 mins.

Today I shall talk about pond dipping. It’s so easy but a bit gross and smelly. So kit the children out in old clothes and have towels and a spare set of clothes ready in case there are any accidents.



Nets with long handles and a shallow tray so you can see your creatures easily works well. Scoop some water into the tray to start and get netting (if that’s a verb).


Be warned, you will have to get dirty hands. You will have to handle some beasties. My son is holding some sort of nymph which was in the process of eating a newt. Gross! My daughter was quite horrified by this but it led to a great conversation about nature, food webs, carnivores, omnivores, herbivores and which animals we eat. Learning!

‘Get in there!’ is my advice, get past your fears. Teach your children to persevere and try new things, to investigate and discover things that they have never seen before.

You can download identification charts from various sites mentioned in my previous post. They are colourful and fun and exciting to follow.


My daughter really enjoyed handling all the newts, pretty bracelet and all. After we’d all had a good look and shown the grandparents (much to their disgust) we released the beasties back into the pond. Then it was a serious hand washing and sanitising gel before lunch.

Here is my favourite shot of the day: My family busy searching in their nets.


If you’ve not tried this before and my blog inspires you then please let me know. More ideas coming soon.

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