Being bold #2

I have had some feedback from my submission to the Curtis Brown Group.

Unfortunately, they said ‘no.’ So what do I do? Do I curl up in a ball and cry? Do I give up? Do I refuse to write another word of my novel again?

Hell no!

What I choose to do is look at the positives that Stephanie Thwaites put in her email:

My submission stood out from the many they receive.
She could just be being kind but why should she. It’s her job to give honest feedback. It’s my first submission and it stands out- it could be better though.

She thought April was a really strong believable character.
Well my main character is believable (phew). That’s a biggy. If my main character wasn’t believable I’d be in real trouble.

She didn’t feel enthusiastic about the material to take it further.
So it wasn’t the right MS for her… I need someone who is as passionate about my novel as me, so that’s fine.

Next steps?
I am editing! I am doing all I can to make sure that my work stands out even more, to ensure that everything else in my novel is as strong and believable as my main character. Once I have done that, I will query more agents to find someone who is as passionate about it as I am.

It may be that this was the usual rejection email you get from agents. I wouldn’t know. But I refuse to be negative about it. This is such an exciting time and I am going to enjoy it.

I’m still planning to enter #PitchWars on August 17th so I need to have it all sorted by then.

Thanks for your support.

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