Make a holiday scrap book

Every summer the children create a holiday scrap book. Whenever we do something or go somewhere special we keep mementos to stick into the book. As they’ve gotten older I also encourage them to write a sentence or two to keep them practising their writing over the holidays.

Scrap books don’t cost much but the children love the different colour pages in them rather than plain paper. We take glue, scissors, coloured pens and sellotape, maybe some stickers to add decoration with us on holiday. Then when we get a ticket stub, a swim pass, a pretty flower, a feather, a shell, a leaf, a postcard, a map, a flyer… Anything! We stick it in the scrap book and write about what we did.

I really enjoy looking back at past scrap books and reading them with my children. Sometimes I will print off photos when we get home and add them in as well. It’s a great way to remember the fabulous time on holiday- those precious family moments that you share together.

The children also love taking the book into school in the autumn and sharing it with their class.

Please share some samples of your holiday scrap books with me, I would love to see them.

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