Do your research

Getting online, reading the local papers and picking up flyers to search for events and activities in your area is one of the best things you can do. There is always something going on!

For example, Visit Bristol website lists the free activities currently on in Bristol. You can choose anything from church visits, walking tours of the city, current art works, site-seeing to museum visits.



Being out and about in your home city is exciting. I don’t often take my children into the city centre so for them it would be a new experience. The history of Bristol itself is fascinating. The good history and the bad history is something that children and adults should know about- how else can they learn from the mistakes of the past?

My children are 7 and 5, they know about the famous Bristolian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, they have walked across the suspension bridge and discussed how amazing it is, we have driven past the S.S. Great Britain and admired it as a sailing ship (we are yet to go on board). They also know a little bit about the darker side of the city such as the slave trade and how it helped build our city but, more importantly, how it was wrong to treat people like that. We have looked at the street art paying special attention to the work of Banksy and some of the messages that he tries to show us through his work.
There is so much I have yet to show them.

At the moment we also have the Shaun the Sheep trail in Bristol raising funds for the children’s hospital. Yet another reason to venture into town and walk around taking in the sites. You can download the app (for a small fee) that has an interactive map, pictures and description of the Sheep, rewards to get and a link to the shop.


Following in the footsteps of the Gromit trail and before that the Gorilla trail I know my children will love searching out the Sheep this summer.

Please comment below about what you’ve been up to or share pictures of your Sheep trails or visits to the sites of your city.

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