Summer Fun (as cheap and fuss-free as possible)

I am most definitely the sort of mum who likes cheap, easy, fuss-free activities for my children over the summer. The thought of making loads of resources (and then cleaning up afterwards) quite frankly terrifies me. 6 weeks of extra housework as I try to entertain the children- No thanks.

Hubby and I are teachers so there are two of us around all summer to help, which is brilliant. I know that this isn’t the case for many people so, with that in mind, I will try to blog about activities that are easy to manage with just one adult.

Yesterday we went for a long walk in Leigh Woods. There is a free app by the national trust called ’50 things to do before I am 11 and 3/4′. There is also a link on the national trust website.
It gives you some great ideas about what to do. E.G make a den, go bug hunting, make a stick trail leading to a treasure.

On the app you can tick things off as you do them and add pictures. As a forest skills leader in the school I work in, I know that getting outdoors and letting children explore, experiment, try new things, fall over (and learn to get back up) is a great way to build their self esteem and resilience. Appreciating nature in that way will also help them develop a desire to protect it.


The Woodland Trust also have great downloadable resources that you can print off. They are for Nature Detectives and have leaf identification sheets, animal track spotting sheets, bug identification sheets and 100 ideas of things to do with a stick.

Take a drink in your rucksack and some snacks (maybe a first aid kit) and you’re well on your way. Be careful of poisonous plants, but on a well maintained site it should all be managed. Also, be mindful of ticks (my son picked one up in the woods) they are easy to remove with proper tick removal tools.

Have a great time out appreciating nature and let me know of your adventures.

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