Book Review #1 BITTER SIXTEEN by Stefan Mohamed

BITTER SIXTEEN is Stefan Mohamad’s (winner of the Dylan Thomas prize for new writers) first in a trilogy.

“Cynical, solitary Stanly Bird is a fairly typical teenager- unless you count the fact that his best friend is a talking beagle named Daryl, and that he gained the powers of flight and telekinesis when he turned Sixteen.” Blurb

Jumping straight into the action, this contemporary YA sci-fi book keeps you engrossed the whole way through. Written in first person from the main character’s point of view, the reader gets to share in Stanly’s confusion, amazement and fears as his life undergoes some massive changes.

Filled with the emotions, thoughts and feelings of a 16 year old experiencing amazing new abilities, the witty humour and film quotes banded about between Stanly and his talking dog (I want one!) help to keep the reading amusing and not too heavy.

I whizzed through the book and was so desperate to know what happened I had to remind myself to slow down and take it all in. Terrifying enemies, new friends, life and death situations, romance, super powers, mystery… This book has it all.

I would definitely recommend this book to teenagers and adults alike.

Now for a grading… Let’s do the usual 1-5 stars

1 star = Oh dear… Don’t bother if I were you.

2 stars = A bit disappointing.

3 stars = OK, will possibly read more from author but it would need to really interest me

4 stars = Good, would definitely be tempted to read more from same author and recommend the book to others

5 stars = Compelling, will definitely read more from this author and tell everyone to read it.

Drum roll…. BITTER SIXTEEN gets a 5 star rating! Can’t wait for the next one!

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